Ep7 Do You Need a Niche in Photography – TPE Podcast

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This week we discuss if you should find a niche in photography and briefly discuss some new gear from Fuji and Sony.

What I’ve been up to – 00:41
Fuji X-T4 Announced – 02:32
Sony FE 20mm f/1.8 G – 07:49
Do you need a niche in photography – 13:23


Fuji X-T4
Sony FE 20mm f/1.8
Joel Robison’s work
Adam Makarenko’s work

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2 responses to “Ep7 Do You Need a Niche in Photography – TPE Podcast”

  1. Joey Avatar

    Great topic! It’s true that specializing in one thing can sometimes be boring. For me primarily shooting cityscapes at blue hour, if I have more occasions to travel and shoot new cities, I’ll never feel bored. 🙂

    1. Daniel Lee Avatar

      Thanks Joey! Yes that’s true as it will always be a new experience then if traveling. I know for certain things like some foods I have them daily and never get bored but I guess it’s the creative aspect of photography that makes me want to always try something different

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