Podcast Update – I’m Taking a Break!

I thought I’d provide the update that the podcast is going on another hiatus, this time I’m not sure for how long.

I started it in 2020 just before Covid hit so the majority of it has been pretty easy to record thanks to working from home. I’ve recently got a new job which at the moment requires me to be in the office more.

Because of this it’s not only hard for me to record the podcast but because of that and some other factors I’m just too tired every day. Rather than put in poor effort or just disappear, I thought I’d update listeners that you may not see a new episode until things change on my end.

I do promise to try put in some more effort with these reviews I’m working on and try get some more out. I’ll likely do some more bonus episodes for reviews and travel experiences but once episodes are back, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Thanks again and keep shooting!

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