The Photography Enthusiast Podcast – Official Introduction

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Above is a trailer for the upcoming podcast which aims to release within the coming weeks. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google, Stitcher and Spotify so you don’t miss an episode.

What will each episode feature?

Each episode we will cover different topics based on the hobby of photography. This will range from gear to techniques and even some news topics that provoke an interesting discussion.

How often will it release?

We aim to release an episode on a weekly basis. Everyone gets busy periods from time to time in life and we are no different. In saying this, we will ensure to do our best at maintaining a regular release cycle.

A small disclaimer

We are based in Australia and thanks to geo-blocking, there may be some issues with Google Podcasts. I am assuming that the RSS feed is exporting to Google Podcasts fine but it is hard for me to check. The app is only allowed in the US and Canada which makes testing it a bit difficult for me.

Where to find us?

Head on over to our about page to find all our social links.

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