Using the Lighten Blend Mode in Photoshop

Here is the first TPE Youtube tutorial which is on how to use the lighten blend mode for certain long exposures.

Have you ever seen New Years Eve fireworks photos and wondered how so many are captured in one photo? Well this tutorial will give you some insight how. These photographers have likely used the lighten blend layer in Photoshop to create these images.

Adobe’s official definition of  what the lighten blend mode does is that it “looks at the color information in each channel and selects the base or blend color—whichever is lighter—as the result color. Pixels darker than the blend color are replaced, and pixels lighter than the blend color do not change.”

The easiest way I can probably describe this is, the bright part of the images are still shown while the darker parts of the images are hidden. Seeing this blend mode used in practice does it more justice than mine or Adobe’s explanation. Below are the two images I used as examples in the tutorial.

This is made of 7 individual light trail images merged into one
4 separate fireworks photos were used to make this image

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Photos By Dlee

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