Ep31 Is Bokeh Really a Crutch in Photography?

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In this episode I discuss the new Sony Alpha A1 announcement and if bokeh really is a crutch in Photography like some people say.

What I’ve been up to – 00:46
News Topics – 02:06
Main topic – 07:04

Nikon to Focus on Mirrorless as It Anticipates Historic
Why We Shouldn’t View Our Hobby of Photography as a Competition
Sony Unveils the Alpha 1

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2 responses to “Ep31 Is Bokeh Really a Crutch in Photography?”

  1. Joey Avatar

    Thank you for the mention of my PetaPixel post! In Japanese, Bokeh is pronounced as Boke (without extending like “keh”), so yours sounds perfect! Actually, boke is more commonly meant as “dumb”, though. It’s a very rude word typically used by people in Kansai area like Osaka. ????

    1. Daniel Lee Avatar

      You’re welcome and it’s worth reading so deserved a mention! Thanks and good to hear I pronounced it well ???? wow very interesting to know, pretty funny since it’s such a common used term for westerners!

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