Canon Announces Development of the EOS R3

Canon have officially announced development of the EOS R3 which is a new product line positioned between the R5 and the 1DX Mark III.

Not many details have been provided besides this press release which explains that it will feature:

  • A back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensor which is similar to what Nikon and Sony offer which hopefully means great dynamic range
  • Improvements to the Electronic Shutter which allows shooting up to 30fps
  • Eye control focus that allows the camera to focus wherever you are looking
  • A more rugged body which is similar to their 1 series bodies

I can’t wait to see more details about this body and some hands on previews/images. Considering how well the R5 and R6 performs, I would be surprised if it didn’t deliver. If you would like to be notified of future posts, please subscribe below.

Photos By Dlee

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