Canon Announces 3 New RF Lenses

Today Canon have announced 3 new lenses for their RF mount. First up is the RF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM (press release here) which is a dedicated macro lens and also two telephoto lenses, the 400mm f2.8L and 500mm f/4L (press release can be found here).

There aren’t the usual amount of preview videos available but here are a few.

From what I can see in previews, the 400mm and 500mm primes are pretty much the EF lenses with built in adapters whereas the 100mm Macro is a brand new lens which some very interesting features like the SA control and 1.4x magnification.

Although these are official announcements and releases, there aren’t many previews available. Do you plan on picking up one of these lenses once more reviews are available? Let me know in the comments and subscribe to be notified of future posts.

Photos By Dlee

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